City Club, City Towers and Crown Europe- AffEuorpe steals money!

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The well-known AffEurope affiliate program has recently decided to shut up shop, leaving its affiliates in the dark. Affiliates who have spent many years promoting the Playtech casinos: City Club Casino, Crown Europe and City Tower Casino have now been left in the lurch, unable to pocket their commissions. This is despite the fact that the three online casinos in question are still very much open.

It is also being reported on the GPWA that a new batch of spam originating from AffBlu also leads to AffEurope, potentially pointing to the idea that AffEurope is behind the AffBlu program that promotes Casino Blu…  The conspiracy theory goes like this:  They close off their marketers efforts at AffEurope and their casinos, and then spam the same marketers to promote their “other” affiliate program(s) promoting their “other” casinos, without the marketers realizing this is the very same group.  This is a very underhanded tactic.  If true, would you put your money in any of these casinos?  ThePogg, a respected member of many online gaming forums and owner of goes on to point out that CasinoBlu is owned by Conan Gaming, LTD – the same group that owns AffPower.  Until we confirm otherwise, we advise heavy caution using their casinos or affiliate program either.  AffPower is the marketing program behind: Osiris casino, Cosmik Casino and Deuce Club.

AffEurope has been condemned for their actions, which saw them offer one day’s notice of their closure. The single day notice wasn’t the only blow that AffEurope dealt their hard-working affiliates, though. The company has also refused to pay out any remaining funds that their affiliates are owed, leading to uproar.

The way that the affiliate system is supposed to work is simple enough to grasp. Online casino affiliate groups are supposed to pay out commissions to affiliates and webmasters who do the hard task of luring players to their sites, via promotional articles and newsletters. Generally, this system has worked well in the past, with only a few cases of affiliates being wrongly treated by their “employers”. What has happened now though, is a scandal.

In response to the decision to fold and withhold commissions from affiliates, many top casino review sites are now attacking the casinos themselves. Many are releasing similar news stories, ensuring that the issues gets coverage. Casino review sites are also advising players not to join (or play at) any of the three online casinos linked with AffEurope.

The dishonesty and shameful actions of AffEurope will be felt widely across the affiliate world. By acting illegally and immorally, AffEurope will only have themselves to blame for the backlash. It is hoped that by making a stand against City Club Casino, Crown Europe Casino and City Tower Casino, affiliates can protect themselves and send a stark warning to any other affiliate groups considering similar actions in the future.

City Club, City Towers and Crown Europe- AffEuorpe steals money!

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